It's OK to repeat yourself on the internet

Mon, Jun 17, 2024 2-minute read
bart simpson chalkboard

I was talking recently with two fellow engineers who are actively writing on their blogs and occasionally on social media. We discussed how much garbage is floating around the internet, and dumbed-down and AI-generated fluff gets more impressions and engagement than genuine and original content. It can be frustrating to see your posts get buried under clickbait and fluff (let’s assume your posts are neither). But here’s a tip: repeating yourself online is totally okay. It’s usually the smartest people I know who are too shy to share their ideas more than once. This post is for you! :)

People Miss Things: People online are always skimming and clicking around. Even your biggest fans might miss some of your posts. Repeating your key ideas gives everyone a better chance to catch and remember them.

Reinforce Your Message: Repetition helps people learn. When you revisit important topics, they stick better. Plus, complex concepts need time to sink in. Don’t be afraid to review the same points to ensure your audience gets it.

Stay Consistent: Consistency builds your personal brand. People start associating you with those topics when you repeat your main ideas.

Reach New People: The internet is constantly changing, with new users joining all the time. Repeating your key messages helps you reach these new readers. What’s old to you might be new and valuable to them.

Improve Your Content: Repeating doesn’t mean copying. Each time you revisit a topic, you can refine and update your message, making your content even better over time.

Cut Through the Noise: With so much junk out there, repeating your insights helps ensure your voice gets heard. Stick with it, and you’ll help raise the bar for online content.

Bottom Line

Don’t get discouraged by the noise. Repeating yourself isn’t redundant—it’s smart. It helps people remember your ideas, builds your brand, reaches new audiences, and improves your content. So go ahead, repeat yourself. Your insights deserve to be heard and remembered.