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Optimist, pessimist, and realist comment on the current state of tech

Is the glass half-empty or half-full? Know that one? The former depicts the views of our pessimist and the latter of our optimist on the state of the glass which volume is 50% occupied by some hypothetical liquid.

How would our characters view the current state of the tech world?

I will name three facts about tech nowadays and try to imagine the responses of our three imaginary characters with their different attitudes.

Tell me when I suck, you don’t have to choose your words carefully

I recently read a short blog post titled Saying the Difficult Things. It was trending on HackerNews and spawned an interesting discussion.

People wrote that certain cultures are more direct than others, mentioning Dutch as an example of directness. Some said that being direct and unfiltered is a way to go, while others showed more appreciation for the somewhat filtered and more nuanced type of critique.

When it comes to receiving critique, I would choose directness and rawness all day long. That doesn’t mean I want to deal with assholes and sadists though. 

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